Size: 707.8 MB

Release Description:
As a sequel to a world renowned rhythm game "Rolling sky", Rolling sky2 is a game where you can easily initiate an incredibly marvelous adventure by simple finger movements. Featuring challenging missions yet beginner-friendly gaming experience, the game is also a combination of anime movie and top-notch original soundtrack which will definitely get you hooked!
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MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Update v1.0.236-CODEX
Developer:Piranha Games
Publisher:Piranha Games
Release Name: MechWarrior.5.Mercenaries.Update.v1.0.236-CODEX
Size: 340.4 MB
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Leo the Lions Puzzles-I KnoW

Release Description:
Discover this classic action-adventure game from Poland and join Leo the Lion on his adventures full of unexpected situations, challenges, and brawls. Travel the islands of Lion's Archipelago and help him find the stolen crown. Try to survive in the jungle, pole, in the dungeons of the magic castle, inside pyramids and on the burnt deserts. Examine the wrecks of pirate ships on the bottom of the sea, and survive the eruption of the volcano. Experience crazy adventures and rack your brains to save Leo from traps and troubles.
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Release Description:
Klaus is a 2D puzzle platformer with a self-aware narrative. Its design takes inspiration from classics games combined with a tense and emotionally engaging story."I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM"Klaus discovers his identity while trying to escape from a mysterious basement. Through his journey he'll discover who he is, what "Klaus" means, and how he ended up there. While jumping spikes, hacking computers and avoiding danger, Klaus seamlessly interjects with key elements of his story, which develops naturally while you play.
4TH WALL BREAKING MOMENTSIn KLAUS, you're not playing as the title character; rather, you're his companion. Klaus acknowledges your presence and wonders aloud about his escape and how he found himself trapped in the first place. His personality can be volatile in vulnerable moments because Klaus has his own agenda. Oh, and Klaus might not always want to do what you want. After all, who wants to die due to someone else's mistakes?K1, THE FRIENDLY BRUTEDuring your journey, a "friendly" guy called K1 might join you on your journey. K1 is a brawler, at least in part, and with his destructive prowess he's able to smash obstacles and do Shoryukens without breaking a sweat. Klaus and K1 can be controlled separately or cooperately to solve puzzles, although sometimes they'll be split apart. Each character, of course, has his own motives.
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Brass Brigade Troop Command-PLAZA

Release Description:
Brass Brigade is a cartoon, World War 2, third AND first person shooter that blends the gameplay of classic WWII shooters like Battlefield 1942/Battlefield Heroes with highly customizable bot matches. You can control the parameters of instant-action style matches with as many bots as your machine can handle!
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