Annie Last Hope Update v1.1.0.1-CODEX
Size: 27 MB

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Pixel Rice
Publisher: Pixel Rice
Release Name: Annie.Last.Hope.Update.v1.1.0.1-CODEX
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Blind Blade II-DARKZER0
Size: 58.8 MB

Release Description:
The second generation of the BlindBlade series is on the line.
It's still the blind samurai, or the familiar offensive and defensive means, but this time "BlindBlade" will bring you completely different feelings.
21 new levels, 63 special challenges, the difficulty has increased again, and more levels are waiting for you!
Keen, focused, decisive, persistent, and patient, those are the secrets of winning!
Come on, kill in darkness!
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Interstellar Space Genesis v1.1-PLAZA
Size: 3.1 GB

Release Description:
You are among the latest, and perhaps the last, of the challengers to undertake this great journey into the stars. While the universe may be ancient, you and your rivals are still young. As you compete with one another for control of this galaxy, there are others, far older and more powerful than you, who watch from a distance with unknown intentions. It is time for you to prove your empire deserves to rule this galaxy, once and for all. You may prove worthy after all, but worthy of what? It is up to you to Discover the Unknown...
Interstellar Space: Genesis takes classic turn-based space 4X strategy mechanics, adds in a few twists of its own, and tosses them in with several brand new mechanics to create a truly unique entry into the genre. It also aims to provide a lack of burdensome micromanagement and an emphasis on the best aspects of classic 4X space strategy games.
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Mask of Mists-CODEX
Size: 1.1 GB

Release Description:
In this game, you are a mercenary who was assigned to find a missing person. One of the Archmages of the Academy broke the communication when he was conducting his research in the depths of the Infected Territory. At one time this area had been exposed to the monstrous amount of magic, and it is filled now with creatures of the Abyss. Go on the trail of the missing Archmage and plunge into the atmosphere of an adventure full of magic and dangers!
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Size: 1.5 GB

Release Description:
PIVO is a game that solves puzzles between 2D space and 3D space.
Experience transcending space with a cute corgi. Let's find the master with the cute corgi and dig into the secrets of the Voxel world.
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