Iratus Wrath of the Necromancer Early Access Read NFO-I KnoW

Release Description:
Our dark tale has one more chapter!
The culmination of the Arch-Necromancer's malevolent efforts! And, by extension, yours. Assume the role of Iratus once more and sweep aside all mortal resistance to do battle with the powers that be. Along will come new enemies and challenges, and one can't expect the mindless undead to overcome those by themselves, right?
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Lair of the Clockwork God v1.016-I KnoW

Release Description:
WHY PLAY ONLY ONE GENRE OF GAME when you could be playing two slightly different ones at the exact same time?
BEN is a die-hard, old-school LucasArts Adventure fan.
He has one foot stuck in the 90s, his feet never leave the floor, and he's happiest collecting any old junk he can lay his hands on, in the hopes of combining it all together to solve a satisfying puzzle.
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Release Description:
The spirit of local co-op is alive, and it's haunting hilarious headwear! Go Head to Head with your friends in frantic Versus modes or try working together in Cap-tivating co-op. You can even fly solo in Challenge mode to unlock new hats and maps! Bounce, float and zoom through the air and land on people's heads to score points. Use jetpacks, dogs, shields...anything you can do to get a-Head of the competition and master the playstyle of each headpiece!
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Filament Marmalade Edition-I KnoW

Release Description:
Make your mission loadout complete with the digital deluxe package - The Marmalade Edition !
Includes the base game plus:The stunning original game soundtrack featuring all the tracks from filament.DELUXE EDITION EXCLUSIVE: Marmalade's Sketchbook which will give the artistic insight of the eponymous crew member, including sketches of actual in-game puzzles and objects from around the Filament Corporation ship.
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Filament Update v20200424-CODEX

Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Beard Envy
Publisher: Kasedo Games, Maple Whispering Limited
Release Name: Filament.Update.v20200424-CODEX
Size: 37.7 MB
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