MazM Jekyll And Hyde-DARKZER0

Release Description:
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Growing Seeds
Publisher: CFK Co., Ltd.
Release Name: MazM.Jekyll.And.Hyde-DARKZER0
Size: 187 MB
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Sometimes Always Monsters Update Build 413a-PLAZA

Genre:Indie, RPG
Developer:Vagabond Dog
Publisher:Vagabond Dog
Release Name: Sometimes.Always.Monsters.Update.Build.413a-PLAZA
Size: 16.5 MB
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Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories DLC Pack-CODEX

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Granzella Inc.
Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
Release Name: Disaster.Report.4.Summer.Memories.DLC.Pack-CODEX
Size: 638.3 MB
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Green Hell v1.5-PLAZA

Release Description: GREEN HELL is an Open World Survival Simulator set in the uncharted unique setting of the Amazonian rainforest.
You are left alone in the jungle without any food or equipment, trying to survive and find your way out. Clinging to life, the player is set on a journey of durability as the effects of solitude wear heavy not only on the body but also the mind. How long can you survive against the dangers of the unknown?
On this journey, you won't get any help from the outside world. Equipped only with your bare hands you'll have to learn actual survival techniques to build shelters, make tools, and craft weapons in order to hunt and defend yourself. Constantly threatened by the jungle you'll fight with both wild animals and tropical sicknesses. Players will also have to face the traps set by your own mind and fears that crawl in the darkness of the endless jungle.
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Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition Survival Update v1.09-PLAZA

Genre:Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer:Reverie World Studios
Publisher:Reverie World Studios
Release Name: Kingdom.Wars.2.Definitive.Edition.Survival.Update.v1.09-PLAZA
Size: 60 MB
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